The Real Boss


Hot and sexy lesbain sex for natural beauties! The Real Boss is a comedy movie about a woman who pretends to be the boss of her company to impress her ex-boyfriend. Rachel is a smart and hard-working employee at a marketing firm, but she feels unappreciated and underpaid. She also has a crush on her boss, Nick, who is handsome and charming, but also arrogant and clueless. When Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, Jake, invites her to his wedding, she decides to lie and say that she is the boss of her company and that Nick is her assistant. She convinces Nick to go along with her plan, promising him a promotion and a raise. But things get complicated when Rachel and Nick have to act like a couple in front of Jake and his fiancée, who happens to be Rachel’s former best friend. Will Rachel be able to pull off her lie and win back Jake? Or will she realize that Nick is the real boss of her heart?